Durdles vs. Deputy




Although I do not think that Deputy from the Traveller’s Twopenny will be a significant character in The Mystery of Edwin Drood, I couldn’t help but enjoy his scene in chapter 5. At first, I was aggravated with the little snot, because he was tossing stones at Durdles. I somewhat enjoy the character of Durdles and find his witty drunkenness to be humorous. Anyhow, Deputy being hired to throw rocks at Durdles is hilarious. The fact that Durdles KNOWS he will get drunk and stupid and need someone to chase him home gives me some comic relief. Also, I enjoyed Mr. Jasper’s worry over the little boy. He was constantly wondering when they were going to drop him off, concerned with how close he was to them, and worried about Deputy following them. This chapter could not help but remind me of the Disney movie “Finding Nemo.” Deputy’s character is just like Dory. Everyone thinks he is in the way or annoyed by his presence. The same is true of Dory in “Finding Nemo.” Dory can be annoying, in the way, and boisterous, but in the end she is just trying to do good. I believe Deputy has the same purpose – just helping out his plastered friend, Durdles.

So shall we add Disney screenwriter to possible professions for Dickens in the 21st Century?


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  1. I loved that chapter, too. The Deputy is hilarious. I imagined it all as a film in my head as I was reading… little stones flying around as the conversation was happening and then the final stone being flung at Jasper’s hat just before the headed around the corner. Love how Dickens describes these kids or excuses them, in the eyes of Durdles, “they haven’t got an object.”

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