OMG! in OMF.


These three assigned chapters in Our Mutual Friend are starting to get intense! I think I am starting to piece together a few things and make probable predictions for the rest of the book. But, Dickens continues to surprise me with the turn of every page.

First of all the pilgrimage of Betty Higden should have been entitle Final Destination 6. It was as if death was trailing Betty every step of her journey. Her determination kept postponing her passing, but it was inevitable. To me, I felt like Dickens was leading his readers up to her final breath. The ocean and newspapers spoke to Betty and I started to think she might be delusional. With all the fainting and “concerned” by-standers, I was rooting for Betty to make it where she wanted to die. And who holds Betty in her arms, while Betty is taking her last breath? None other than Lizzie Hexam.

To me, I sensed a more mature and responsible Lizzie. I could tell she had grown up a bit and I have been pulling for Lizzie since the beginning, so I was happy. But, what’s up with this violent admirer? I kind of felt sorry for Lizzie and a little worried. Meanwhile, you have Eugene searching frantically to find out her location. There is something deeper to this whole Lizzie, admirer, Eugene thing and I just can’t figure out how it is going to play out.

The best part of these chapters was the interaction between Bella and John Rokesmith. Is it just me, or is Bella a little more appealing to the reader? I actually enjoyed her and found it humorous when she called herself out for certain characteristics. Moving on though, why is John Rokesmith so happy that money has not affected Bella? This leads me down a long road of assumptions, but I feel like mistaken identity is a path somewhere on that road.
Lastly, I was a bit disappointed to learn that money went to Mr. Boffin’s head. Also, realizing he is giving poor treatment to those around him makes me wish for all of his “wealth” to disappear. Who knows, maybe it will!

Side note: I need to stop indulging in all the reading for Our Mutual Friend at once. It only leaves me wanting more and now I have to wait a whole week for our next reading. Ah, Dickens you have once again proved to keep me entertained and wanting more.


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  1. Ok…so I believe I am reading the wrong sections somehow. I call myself reading chapters 8-10 and didn’t read anything from the above. I read the wedding scene and the Boffins, Bella, Rokesmith undertaking. Did I miss something? Either way, after reading your comments, I can’t wait to see Lizzie more. I liked her character from the get go. Although I’m not looking forward to Mr. Boffins going down a greedy path because I liked him as well. Guess I’ll have to do some catching up and fast! I enjoyed your comments though.

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