Unanswered Questions, Descriptive Details, True Love….


Hopefully, I am not alone when I say I am confused!! The Mystery of Edwin Drood has proved to be a challenge for me. I have found myself tangled into this web of people. I’m ripping away at the delicate web and I can’t get to the spider. What is the main focus of this story? I can’t seem to pinpoint a certain area of focus. In chapter 2, the dinner party for Pussy’s birthday was a blur. I kept re-reading through the conversation, only to still be confused as to what was going on. The conversation topics kept fluttering back and forth and I couldn’t keep up with the flight. Furthermore, why wasn’t Pussy celebrating at her own party?

Moving on, should we add in a character by the name of “Mary Jane?” What kind of Opiate are these people smoking at the beginning of the novel? I can only assume that these people are dabbling with Marijuana. However, I did enjoy the irony of the characters blazing away and then one of them trudging down to the Cathedral for church. Speaking of the Cathedral, I believe it is going to be a focal point for this story somehow. In the opening pages, Dickens gives extreme detail to this place of worship and keeps referring back to it. Whether it be the sound of the bells or the view of the surrounding, the Cathedral keeps weaving back into the story.

With all the frustration I have encountered with this story, I did really appreciate the attention to detail by Dickens. From the whiskers on Mr. Jasper’s face to the body language of every character, Dickens really went all out. During conversations, Dickens relays every facial expression to words on the page. It makes the characters more enjoyable, even though I still can’t figure out how some of them belong. Not only does Dickens give detail to the characters, but he describes Cloisterham with much detail. From the streets to the citizens, Dickens does not leave one detail out. Something about this place leaves me with a suspicious feeling though. Everything is droopy, in fragments, or drowsy. I feel like Dickens is setting us up for something. Once again, I just don’t know what!! AHHH FRUSTRATION!!

The best thing about this novel so far?? The arranged marriage of Edwin Drood and Rosa Bud. Oh, how I adore a good love story! But, is there love in this relationship? Or, is this one arrangement that everyone wants out of? Dickens better not take away my ideal of fairytale romances! I can sense that Rosa is a bit demeaning and Edwin is just along for the ride. I still have hope though! I can’t bring myself to give up on love, even in this novel.

I could not help but post this blog tonight. After getting home from class, I dived into this book and had to vent my frustrations! I know this blog post is a smorgasbord of ideas, complaints, and predictions. However, I feel like it kind of goes along with the theme of this book-everything being thrown at you at once. BAM! So, haha Dickens, I can do it to! (If only he were reading my blog.)


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  1. I too found it very hard to understand. It wasn’t until the arranged marriage between Edwin Drood and Rosebud that it got interesting. This part is like a love story. I love romance books. I liked your post keep up the good work.

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