Do I Dazzle You?


First, let me be clear that my allegiance to serial books lies within the Harry Potter series – no question about it. With that being said, I do enjoy indulging in the Twilight series every now and then. I have read the series once and promptly pledged my loyalty to Edward. I am a team Edward kind of gal and have the t-shirt to prove it. What I love most about this series is the love triangle between Edward, Jacob, and Bella. Here you have this homely-looking girl being pursued intensely by two dashing men. (Of course one is a vampire and the other a wolf, but what does that matter?) Anyhow, what makes this love fest so interesting, is you never know who is going to come out on top. Who will Bella choose? For those of you who have read this series, obviously she chooses Edward. (Validating my choice to be Team Edward) But, the chase leading up to the final decision gives the reader an added bonus.

Like in Twilight, the love triangle in The Mystery of Edwin Drood has quickly caught my attention. There is a lot going on in this story and I can’t help but focus on this group of people. However, I have not yet decided who to pledge my allegiance to. Obviously, Rosa is a very sought after woman. Mr. Jasper, Neville, and of course Edwin all have all showed particular interest in this little lady. But, who will she ultimately choose? I honestly have no prediction at this point. Mr. Jasper is creepy and unnerving, so I think he is out. However, his distrurbing persistence may scare Rosa into choosing him. Neville is an alright guy. He is new to town and his background is full of holes. I have yet to decide what to make of him. But, I’m not counting him out just yet. Lastly, is Edwin. Techinically, Edwin already has the upper hand. I mean, he is betrothed to her. Yet, I feel a sense of disconnect between the two. I don’t think either of them are happy about this arrangement. But, can they make it work and follow through? I can’t answer that yet either. Deep down, I think my vote is swaying toward Edwin at this point. I like to root for the underdog and there is something sweet and attractive about this character.

What about you guys? Who are you pledging your loyalty to?


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  1. I have not read Twilight but I like your parallel. I will agree with you about Mr. Jasper. He’s scary & not someone want I want any woman to be stuck with. As for the choice between Edwin & Neville I am unsure just yet. Part of me wants to go with Neville the underdog but part of me wants to see how Edwin progresses. Either way, I’m sure Dickens got it right.

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