Stuck in the Friend Zone


Does anyone else share my frustration about the romance between Edwin and Rosa?! I am dying for these two to get together already! Poor Edwin, he had the special ring in his pocket and everything. Why, Dickens, why?? Once she started talking, I knew what was coming. Here Edwin is trying to do the right thing and gets stuck directly in the friend zone. Come on, nobody wants them to be brother and sister. We all want them to be “lovers and friends.” ( Shout out to Usher, Lil Jon, and Ludacris) I can’t help but feel like this romance isn’t over yet. Will Rosa get tired of the mundane men left in this city? Let’s hope so. Deep down, I know Edwin has feelings for Rosa. He was going to pull out that ring and solidify their betrothal. The whole time I was reading, I was screaming inside. “pull out the ring, Edwin. It will change her mind!!” but, he didn’t and they parted ways. Obviously a mystery is going to soon take place, but will it involve the love between Edwin and Rosa? So, I guess, as of now, Edwin and Rosa’s relationship status on Facebook would be “It’s Complicated.” Throw me a bone Dickens, I’m dying here!!


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  1. I share your frustration – the attitudes of both Rosa and Edwin were maddening at times. But I found Edwin’s sudden maturation as the result of his de-betrothing process to be a relief. His constant dismissive references toward Rosa prior to his talk with Mr. G were maddening, and i thought he was the typical spoiled man/child jerk.But Rosa was often no better. So to see them mature through the process of breaking up made me feel as though this was a positive turn of events. Maybe now they’re actually “good enough for each other”?

  2. This is a witty post – I feel much the same. It reminds me of the Riders in the sky song that advises Matt Dillon to go ahead and kiss Kitty and get it over with. I don’t know whether Edwin and Rosa are compatible, so maybe it’s for the better that they are in the “friend” zone.

  3. I am telling ya’ll that “Pussy” is a BRAT! An orphan BRAT! Now who ever heard of such? I kind of do want her to fall in love with him though. That would serve her right! And LOLon the friend zone!

  4. I too get very frustrated. Stop playing Rosa. It makes me feel sorry for Edwin. I believe that he really does love her, but she is just too childish. I hope that they finnally stop playing and make it right.

  5. While I understand why you feel so strongly about them, I kind of want a little more drama. I’m not a negative person but since it’s literature I want a little more build up. Do I hope they get together eventually? I’m not really sure. I’m sure Dickens knows what he’s doing & who knows…he may surprise us! I do like how he gets us involved though…you really are screaming pull out the ring as you’re reading. I guess that’s why they pay him the big bucks.

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