Casting Call!


Ok, I have tried to thoughtfully choose an actor/actress for each character in The Mystery of Edwin Drood. It was so much harder than I imagined it would be!

Rosa Bud : Dakota Fanning. Dakota has that young, prissy, attractive vibe about her. I can vividly picture her playing this role. Check out Dakota.

Edwin Drood : I must admit, I struggled with this one. He has so many different characteristics and I couldn’t decide who to cast for him. So, I chose Macaulay Culkin. I know you are thinking I am crazy but HEAR ME OUT! Obviously, he has had some struggles with the law lately, but if he could clean his act up, I think him and Dakota Fanning would be a perfect betrothed couple! Check out Macaulay.

Mr. Jasper : Easiest one by far. Johnny Depp and his mysterious self is perfect for this role! Check out Johnny.

Durdles : I really enjoy the character of Durdles, so I had to cast him well. Obviously, I see him as a free spirit, who enjoys his alcohols, and just blows with the wind. HELLO Steven Tyler. Check out Steven.

Helena : I see Helena as a sidekick to Rosa and with a sweet heart. I chose to cast Demi Lovato for her. Check out Demi.

Nevelle : For Nevelle, I obviously need him to look similiar to Helena in some sense. Also, I need him to be appealing with his voice and attitude. So, I chose Nick Jonas. Check out Nick.

Mrs. Crisparkle : Ok, I know in the book that Mrs. Crisparkle is dainty and fragile, but when casting an elderly woman, who can resist Betty White?! Obviously, I choose Betty White! Check out Betty.

Septimus Crisparkle : When I think of Sept, I think of a middle-aged, handsome, and respectable man. I would definitely cast Kyle Chandler for this role. (Some of you may remember him from Friday Night Lights or Super 8) Check out Kyle.

Miss Twinkleton : When I think of Miss Twinkleton, I think of an older woman, who knows how to keep things in order. I think the perfect fit for Miss Twinkleton is Imelda Staunton. (Most of you know her from playing Delores Umbridge in the Harry Potter series) Check out Imelda.

Deputy : Deputy is quite frankly one of my favorite characters. I needed to cast someone who was young and quirky. I chose Freddie Highmore. Check out Freddie.

Mr. Honeythunder : In this book, Mr. Honeythunder really gets on my nerves. I don’t like his cocky attitude or his comments. For these reasons I wanted to cast Justin Beiber, but since he is too young I went with Gerard Butler. Check out Gerard.

Mrs. Tisher : I picture Mrs. Tisher and a sweet, older lady with quirky habits. I chose Joan Rivers minus her bad attitude! Check out Joan.

Mr. Sapsea: Ok, everyone thinks Sapsea is a conceited and cocky man. Who better to play him then Ben Affleck? Not necessarily because Ben is cocky in his everyday life. But, in most of his movies, he does play the man in charge. Check out Ben.

Mr. Grewgious : I like this man, despite him being connected to Rosa. 😉 I see him as being a grounded, average man. I would cast Richard Gere. Check out Richard.

Princess Puffer : Even though she is not very prominent, I had already cast her in my mind, so I couldn’t resist adding her to my casting call! Tell me that Helena Bonham Carter isn’t a good fit?! (You probably remember her from Harry Potter as Bellatrix Lestrange) Check out Helena.

Hope you guys enjoy my casting choices! If only I could call all these people up and make me a movie!


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  1. Helena Bonham Carter is the perfect Puffer lady! Like in Big Fish, rather than in The King’s Speech. Oh and Betty White as Mrs. Crisparkle! Let’s move The Mystery of Edwin Drood into the 21st Century! Good choices! Fun assignment!

  2. Nice work! I enjoyed your choice of casting. Some are presently in the public eye and some WERE in the public eye. I like that. I like the Butler choice for Honeythunder as well as the Macaulay for Edwin. Each would not have crossed my mind. If I had chosen American actors/actresses, I would have also chosen Dakota in the mix somewhere. I would watch your film!

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