I can hear the church bells ringing…. 10 minute post


I am obsessed with the theme of the cathedral in The Mystery of Edwin Drood. I believe Dickens is using this to personify so many things. Possibly him making things right in his life, considering he was about to die? I obviously can’t be sure of this. But, I can’t pinpoint why he would choose the church to be the focal point of this story. The Mystery of Edwin Drood has a gloomy, depressing, mysterious, sometimes sad undertone. To me all of the adjectives directly contradict with my thoughts of the church. So, why add it in this book? The disappearance of Edwin has further heightened my curiosity and I have many predictions for the reasons surrounding his disappearance.But, back to the cathedral, I think I am so fascinated with this cathedral because I believe it symbolizes so much within the characters. There is so much “sin” surrounding and embedded in the city of Cloisterham and so many lies being told. Perhaps, instead of going into the cathedral for appearances, these people should go in there for repentence? I believe Dickens places this as the focal point to let readers know that trouble and bad things are coming… and maybe the church is a place to make those things right? I really can’t pin point the reason, but I love that this cathedral is in the middle of everything. Perhaps Edwin is stoned into the walls? Doubtful…but that would be pretty interesting.


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