Dislike, Dislike, Dislike


I just finished TMOED. I have a string of emotions upon finishing this book. There are so many predictions I want to make for how Dickens would have finished it. The most obvious choice for the person responsible for the disappearance/assumed death of Edwin is Jasper. I mean Princess Puff Puff let out that subtle hint a long time ago. I want to believe it was Jasper and I wan’t to mentally hate him forever. But, was Dickens ever really that obvious? Every book of his that I have ever read, he surprises me. I never expect what he gives me and am always shocked my his plot twisting turns. So, did Jasper do it? To me, it’s the only plausible option. But, once again, Dickens is not always plausible. I think there is definitely a connection between the book starting out with all of the opiates and “ending” with it as well. I just can’t put it all together. ANGST, ANGST, ANGST,! I think I can rule out some suspects – Rosa, Helena, Rev. Crisparkle, Twinkleton, Grewgious. As for everyone else, I just can’t give up on them. I guess I am holding out for Dickens to blow my mind with a shocking twist that I never saw coming. I’m pretty sure I will be holding out for quite a while. (Insert sad face here.)

So, what about you guys? Who is responsible?


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  1. It was Jasper. BUT where is the body? Did Jasper only think he did it (with his ravings about the thing he “dreamed” of doing at Princess Puffer’s)? Did Edwin get away with the ring and is in hiding because of the shock? HOLY COW.

  2. Ok…I don’t think Edwin is dead. I think he has gone back to Egypt. While Jasper is the obvious candidate for murder, I just don’t like the obvious. I mean after all, I study German so I’m a rebel. I know Neville is suffering but I think Edwin had suspicions of Jasper murdering him and has decided to vanish for a while. In the second half, he will reappear to a select few before setting Jasper up. Jasper will get what’s coming to him. Again, I personally don’t have a enough evidence to believe that he’s dead. Or maybe I’m just the eternal optimist…only Dickens knows…

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