Spoiler Alert



Ok, so it was obvious that I made a huge mistake last week. Somehow, my wires got crossed, and I read way ahead in OMF. Not only did I read it, I of course had to write a blog post about it. Well, WARNING! Do not read it. I just got around to finishing last weeks reading, along with this weeks, and I have really spoiled some things. I have tried to do a mental erase, but it’s just not happening. I will not further spoil these secrets for my fellow classmates, I just felt you guys deserved a heads up.

On another note, I know this is so last week, but the Boffins are really cracking me up. They inherit all of this money and what’s the first thing they think the should do? The most obvious thing – buy a baby! I literally laughed out loud. (Not just LOL, I really laughed.) It’s also kind of creepy that they want to name him John Harmon. That name is like a constant reminder to the kid : “HEY! You wouldn’t be here if we didn’t get that pile of cash from our boss when he died!” Ah, the irony of the whole situation is hilarious. Not to mention- I know a few other things about these people, from on down the road. Ugh, I am a walking spoiler.


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  1. When you get old like I am you can’t remember what you read in a friend’s blog post last week so no spoiler alert here. What class is this by the way? šŸ™‚

    I think the Boffins are a hoot but they kind of tick me off at the same time. Good job with the post as usual šŸ™‚

  2. I’m with Chris and you on the Boffins being both hilarious and irritating. I know they are being taken advantage of and I want them to be aware of it and stop that nonsense, but then I understand why they exist–it’s good juxtaposition for us to be aware of with the Veneerings and others–what does money do to a life? It can do a lot of very bad things is that Dickens seems to be saying–if handled improperly or when naked greed comes into it. So perhaps the Boffins aren’t so obviously greedy for status or the money itself as the Veneerings and we’re supposed to notice that…

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