To Be Continued…Continued.


Since Dickens left The Mystery of Edwin Drood to be continued, I am continuing it now. I believe there are a couple of major issues that must be addressed in order to complete this novel.

Is Edwin Droood (Ned) dead or alive?
In my novel, Edwin is dead. Despite a struggle and fight, Jasper blitz attacked Edwin down by the river. The sounds of the severe weather muffled the screams and cries of Edwin. Jasper had not pre-planned the attack to be for this night. By Princess Puffer spilling the beans to Edwin, Jasper had no choice but to act fast. After the murder was complete, Jasper became so frazzled by his actions that he began to think of a cover up. He grabbed the jewelery of Edwin and placed it, so that people might think he was alive. By the time Jasper disposed of Edwins body into the water and making it sink (by attaching miscellaneous heavy objects to his limbs), he had no time to create a suitable appearance for the crowd of people in minor canon corner.

What happened to the ring?
Jasper found it and kept it. He did not keep it for it’s monetary value.Every criminal (whether he may be a murderer, thief, etc) likes to keep a “souvenir” of their conquests. These momentos are kept so that the perpetrator can relive his glory in the murder, robbery, etc. Jasper is hiding the ring, so that he can continue feeling the triumph of his killing.

What happened to Princess Puffer?
Princess knows the truth. Jasper has threatened her into silence though. Princess Puffer realizes that if jasper can kill his own “nephew”, then he would have no trouble killing her (his drug dealer).

Who does Rosa end up with?
Despite his head troubles, Rosa finally ends up with Neville. She now has a family – her new sister-in-law Helena and her new father-in-law Mr. Tartar (who is finally revealed as the twins father. He had been looking for them all along and wanted to make sure that those were his children.

What is Jasper’s fate?Jasper is strickened with guilt and begins to smoke even more opiates to deal with his actions. His mental stability begins to go down hill and he lives out his life crazy in his own head. He became an outcast because of his extreme drug use and leads a lonely,sad life until he finally overdoses.


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