Wait…what book are we reading? Thoughts from OMF


I must admit, Our Mutual Friend has taken a backseat to the other reading we are doing in the class. Since we are reading such small portions at a time, I can get them done quickly. So, usually, I read the selection from OMF first and then move on to the substantial reading from another novel. The downside to this is that by the next class period, I have almost forgotten we are reading OMF. I find myself struggling to recall the few chapters that we have read. However, since I just completed the reading for this week, everything in OMF is fresh on my mind!

Characters sticking out

Lizzie Hexam
Lizzie Hexam is really appealing to me. Despite her family background, Lizzie and Charley are both making strides for themselves and their future. Lizzie is already supporting herself since he father’s death by sewing. I think that shows some aspects of her character. She will rise from the fall and keep moving. I always love rooting for the underdog.

Eugene Wrayburn
Eugene definitely has ulterior motives for wanting Lizzie to be educated. I smell fatal attraction…or something like that.

The Veneering’s
I think this couple could climb the social ladder to the clouds and it still wouldn’t be high enough. These people and their “high society” are getting on my nerves.

**Side note : I need some more information on John Rokesmith! What is our mutual fried up to now?

One Overwhelming Theme
I can’t help but continue to see Dickens create a “battle of the classes” within his writing. I’m not necessarily saying that Dickens is pitting each of the social classes against each other, but you can definitely see where he is differentiating between them. Although the Hexam family is hanging tight at the bottom of the social ladder, both children are still trying to educate their way out of it. The already social elite Veneering’ couple is still making strides to continue rising. Their associations with educated people (Twemlow and Podsnap) further distinguish their high class lifestyle.


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