Dickens gets a Royal celebration


As we all know, yesterday was the 200th birthday of Mr. Charles Dickens. If an author’s work is still being read and enjoyed after 200 years, than a celebration is a must. Who better to celebrate with than Prince Charles? Yesterday, Prince Charles traveled to the Dickens Museum in London and Westminister Abbey. At the museum, Gillian Anderson (who played Ms. Havisham is the adaptation of Great Expectations) read Dicken’s works. At Westminister Abbey, Prince Charles placed a wreath on Dickens grave. What I found most interesting is that this celebration had the largest crowd of Dickens’ descendents ever. Over 200 family members showed up. While I am sure this will not get as much publicity as the Royal Wedding, it is still an honor for the heir to England’s throne to recognize this loved and talented author. Read about the whole celebration in the Chicago Tribune below.

Prince Charles leads Dickens 200th Celebrations


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  1. Oh, the royal family. I hope that Prince Charles and the rest of the family are actually well versed in the literature of their nation. I can see Elizabeth being well read, but I have my doubts about Charles. Either way, I suppose it’s nice to see a country invested in their cultural heritage.

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