5 years later…Woah!


Woah! 5 years later and things sure have changed in A Tale of Two Cities. At first, I just scanned over the “5 years later” part. As I kept reading on and on about Jerry, I finally saw a familiar name…Mr. Lorry. When I realized he was on trial for treason, I was like WOAH! Then I realized he was a witness and I was like WHEW! But, I’m only in the beginning stages on Book 2, so I’m quite sure more is to come.

Recalled to life
Immediately jumping into Book 2, the theme of being recalled to life is instantly brought back up. The description of Tellsons Bank is a disturbing. I love the part where Dickens talks about the number of deaths this bank is responsible for and how if all of the bodies were stacked than no light would shine through. Then in court, the mirror is brought up – how it would fill the room if it could reflect all of the death this courtroom has caused. In both of these instances, I feel like Dickens is calling out the people responsible for the vast amount of lives lost. Will he make these people and things recall them back to life, rather than keep murdering? It seems that is possibly the case with Mr. Darnay. The whole time I was reading about his “trial”, I just knew he would be found guilty and later mutilated. But, to my surprise he was aquitted and the message was sent to Tellsons Bank…not sure what to make of this. Chapter 3 is ended with this quote: “If you had sent the message, `Recalled to Life,’ again,” muttered Jerry, as he turned, “I should have known what you meant, this time.” Aha Dickens! I think I see where you are going with this!

The golden thread
I know when talking about “the golden thread” in class, everyone mentioned the cartoon Hercules. Well, it has been years since I have seen that movie. But, in my mind, the golden thread is an assest. The golden thread keeps someone/something hanging on. It is as if the thread gives them the power to live. (maybe to be recalled to life?) In my opinion, Lucie Manette is the gold thread so far. It is only because of her that Mr. Manette is living. She is the only one who can “charm” him and bring him “back to life.” I’m sure more instances will come up with this theme, once I continue reading.


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  1. Your point about the mirror is interesting; I honestly missed that (must have been skimming at that point). Reminds me of the first Veneering dinner party and the way the mirror was reflecting each character. A well employed device on Dickens’ part.

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