So, I just finished our reading for ATOTC.I’m not sure why, but I favor this book far more than the others we have read. Maybe it is because I know there is an ending or because I can keep up with the characters, but I really like this book. Certain characters and their situations have stuck out to me and proved to be my favorite things about this reading.

Lucie and Mr. Manette
I love this relationship. These two are absolutely precious together. There are parts of this book where I could cry because of the sweet nature between the two. Lucie is bound and determined to bring her father back to life. And she did. I’ll be honest, I was a little disappointed when she got married. I guess I just wanted it to be her and her father forever. But, after the Mr. Manette’s relapse was resolved, I guess I was OK with it. I am eager to keep following this pair.

Mr. Cruncher
Mr. Cruncher is hilarious. In TMOED, Durdles was my comic relief. Mr. Cruncher is my enjoyment for this book. His wife and her prayers are a little bit confusing. His reaction to them is what is so funny. Also, His new “occupation” seems just like a perfect fit – weird and unusual. Mr. Cruncher seems like the man who wants to “get rich quick.” I can’t wait to see what other jobs Mr. Cruncher stumbles upon.


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