10 minute “reflections”


After finishing our reading for A Tale of Two Cities, one thing has grabbed my attention and my thoughts keep going back to it. During the trial, in the courtroom, Dickens makes a specific reference to the mirror. Specifically, I am perplexed by the idea of reflections. It is said in essence that the mirror could fill the courtroom up, if it could reflect all the death that has been caused in there. Obviously, many people were unfairly executed for their crimes, due to the sentencing in that court. But, how can this be resolved? Should these people be trying to implement change starting with “the man in the mirror?” (Shoutout Michael Jackson!) I’m nout sure how all of this fits together, but I am definitely interested. It says that the prisoners felt the light shined from the mirror and felt disgraced. The mirror is pulling out the true colors. I think so many things can come from the mention of a mirror – especially the idea of being recalled to life. You see yourself for who you truly are when you look in the mirror. It can bring you back to life in a sense. But,  how does the mirror in the courtroom portray the men and women that fill it up everyday?  There is something special about this mirror and I want to make it fit into the puzzle. Thoughts anyone?


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  1. Okay the MJ song Man in the Mirror has to be on your Dickens play list, right? It’s perfect… I love this reference. I read it, and thought, how cool, but I didn’t see it this way–and after talking about it in class–wow. It’s a much higher level of cool now.

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