A Bleak House is…well..bleak.


So, since we are reading a big chunk of a Bleak House, I decided to do my bullet points as I read. I’ll add the bullets after I read a couple of chapters. Hopefully, this will make it easier for me to recall things that I wanted to put in my blog – instead of reading it all and scrambling for my points.

Chapters 1-4

  • Obviously, Dickens is pressing reform by starting out the novel in the courtroom.
  • Children – again.
  • Fashion is.. evil?
  • Prolonged court case. I feel like this will be a substantial theme in the novel.
  • New narrarator
  • Abandoned, disgraced, emotionally abused girl and apparently friendless (besides the doll).
  • Family secrets
  • Mr. Jarndyce and the movement of the Esther, Ada, & Richard to his home.
  • More abused, digraced, unwanted children living in a wretched situation.
  • Welcome to the “Bleak House”

Chapters 5-10

  • Crazy, bird lady.
  • Updated info on the Jarndyce case.
  • A plethora of new characters
  • Richard and Ada’s family connection to Jarndyce.
  • Obsession with the wind?
  • Trust for Esther
  • Sympathy of financial situations , then scolding for it.
  • Ghosts
  • Traitors
  • Recalled to life by haunting?
  • Suicide…then lawsuit
  • One busy housekeeper…Esther
  • Charity
  • Sailor ambitions
  • A bunch of letters scrambled together creating insane names for characters

Chapters 11-16

  • Dead body
  • Opium AGAIN!
  • Possible murder/Suspicious death
  • Secrets
  • Guppy “stalking” Esther
  • Demanded payments
  • Kindness to children

*Can anyone read over the name “Jelby” and not say jelly belly?


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