I’m sorry to admit it, I just can’t seem to enjoy reading this book. Every week when I begin my reading regimen, I seem to have forgotten what in the world is going on. The main characters I can keep straight…but, wait! Who are the main characters? This is my point, I’m up the creek without a paddle in this novel. It’s sink or swim and I am just going to dog paddle. I just feel like I am trudging through the pages and it’s unfamiliar territory. I loved the other two Dickens’ novels we read. But, I’m still reading, still swimming, I’m going to make it!

Who do I hate?

  • Rogue Riderhood! He is sneaky, caniving, and manipulative. I was almost excited when I thought he died. Then, the doctor brings him back. Why did he have to do that? Riderhood is poison and Dickens needs to cut it off at the source!
  • The Boffins. Sorry, I know everyone likes these folks. But, not so much for me. It’s not necessarily Henrietta, but Mr. Boffin. Money gets to everyone’s head. It’s inevitable. Money is power and sometimes people can’t handle that power. (Case in point – The Boffins.)
  • The Lammles. Do I need to even make an argument here? They are nothing but money-grubbers and I don’t like it. Eventually, they will fall off of the social ladder and I can’t wait!

Who do I love?

  • Lizzie. She has such an innocence that makes her vulnerable and sweet. She is working hard, getting educated, and getting admired. Her main concern has always been her family and I like that about her.
  • John Harmon. Oh, how I love a man who is willing to give up anything to find true love. Here is this man who has given up his fortune to the unappreciative Boffins- all to find out if Bella is the one. I love him, love him, love him!

Here lies the “in-betweener”

  • Bella Wilfer. I couldn’t stand the girl at first. I mocked her, ignored her, and didn’t want to read anymore about her. BUT, she is growing on me. She needs to get her head in the game and marry Harmon/Rokesmith/whatever. I want that money stripped away from the Boffins ASAP!

These are my thoughts, complaints, and everything in between. This reading made me like the novel a bit more, but I’m still weary.


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  1. John Harmon is pretty awesome. I mean, the man is master of disguises. A genius even. I really hope he gets the love and recognition he deserves. He is really getting the short end of the stick at the moment.

  2. I don’t like Mr. Boffins either. It is sad to see the damage that money has done to his character. I just don’t know what to think about John Harmon- he is kind of a whimp for going into disguise. I think he sees the error of his ways with Bella.

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