Pairing Up in OMF


From the beginning, I think we have all spotted the good guys and the bad guys. It is quite obvious that in all stories the good guys will meet up with the good guys and the bad guys will meet up with the bad guys. They will all band together and have a duel. (Or something like that). Well the good and bad guys have finally paired up in OMF.

Bella and Lizzie

I would not say these two are best friends forever, but I knew they would cross paths and confide in each other. They are they two girls fighting for a future, whether it be a rich or educated future. I like these two together…I’m rooting for both of them.

Headstone and Riderhood

The two creepiest characters is this book would have meet up at some point. I feel like something deplorable is going to come out of their partnership. Maybe even murder?

The Boffins and Money

Money is the root of all evil in the book. At first, I liked the Boffins.Now….not so much! Money has finally consumed Mr. Boffin to the point where he may lose his family and eventually everything.

Sidenote: Hooray for John and Bella professing ther love to one another! Not that this was a surprise or anything. However, I am interested to see where the Boffin’s fortune goes from here.


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  1. Very nice job (as always). I agree Lizzie and Bella= a good thing. Money= a very bad thing. Headstone and Riderhood= yikes!!! Headstone needs anger management classes and he might be okay. Riderhood is just plain evil.

  2. Great connections here! At first, when I read about Headstone’s visit to the lawyers’ offices, I would have bet the character was Jenny Wren’s dad. Then, he spoke, and it was clearly Riderhood. They are both real villains in this book. One alone is bad enough, but two together — bad things in the offing.

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