Dear Mr. Dickens and My Fellow Classmates


Dearest Dickens,
As I ventured off for my spring break travels last week; I chose not to bring you along as my traveling companion. I know….I’m sorry. I abandoned all of your books that I have dedicated myself to in these past few months. Your work just doesn’t fit into my idea of a light reading. Sometimes, I feel as if I spend more time worrying about figuring out your mysteries, than I do enjoying your twist-turning plots. No fear though, I am now facing the consequences of forgoing all of your novels for a week. As I force myself to get back involved with Bleak House, I feel like I am trudging through an infested swamp. Why did you decide to create such a plethora of characters? Why must nothing be as it seems? The hours I spend reading the beginning of this book appear to be wasted. I JUST CAN’T REMEMBER! So, I need a refresher course. Can you appear in one of my dreams and deliver one? I would be very grateful.

Your loyal reader,

My fellow classmates,
I was out the Wednesday before spring break and I feel like I have missed a whole month! I noticed that class has been reistated for this week, but did not see what we were supposed to do for our blog. I figured something to do with our reading on Bleak House, but I wanted to be positive before I started. Can one of my fellow Dicken servants tell me what’s going on? Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance!


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