Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Allan Woodcourt


So, I went ahead and finished up Bleak House. For my final blog post, I decided to create the wedding of Allan and Esther! I have been rooting for her since the beginning, perhaps because she is fragile and abandoned. I just always wanted something stable and secure fore her- And I never wanted it to be Mr. Jarndyce. Allan Woodcourt seems suitable to me. His career is promising and ensures Esther a stable life. I am a bit obsessive about weddings, probably because I am trying to plan my own right now. I felt like creating a wedding for Esther was the best way to bring all my ideas to fruition and test them out! So, what better way to end this book than with a big ole’ wedding in my blog! It’s going to be absolutely perfect!

The Invitations

The invitations will be very vintage and simble. Slightly burnt edges, accompanied by a little lace, and a touch of ribbon at the bottom will finish out the invitations.


There is only one viable option for location….Bleak House! But, we are not going to have the wedding inside, rather outside.

I imagine the back/surrounding areas to be lush with trees and flowers. The wedding will take place in this kind of area.



The wedding will take place in the afternoon around sunset. The sun will be setting during the wedding. As the sunlight disappears, the trees will be lit up with lanterns.


Esther will wear a very vintage, lace wedding gown. Her hair will be swooped back with curls.


Allan will wear a more casual tuxedo…since the wedding is going to be outside. He will accompany it with a vest and pocket square.

The Reception

The reception will be outside as well. Everything will be lit by the lights.



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  1. What a great post! So creative! I like all the choices you’ve made. Thanks for taking the time to do this. You have helped us end Bleak House on a happy note 🙂 Wonderful job as always!

  2. Great job! Very creative! I love all the choices that you have made. You have helped us to end Bleak House on a happy note! Thanks for taking the time to create this post. 🙂

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