Ode to OMF


I was scrolling back through my recent blog posts and realized I have not given much attention to Our Mutual Friend. The little attention I have given has been negative – I have complained and criticized every aspect that I can. Well, I take it all back. Well, most of it. I think I got so frustrated with this book because I was reading so little of it. This weekend I spent time just reading it and I really got back into it. Maybe it it because everything is finally coming to fruition. All the characters are coming alive and have their respective place within the novel. I like that! So, this blog post is all about OMF. No complaining, no criticizing, just observations.

The Lammle’s

Hahaha! Their little game of climbing the social ladder is all over now. FINALLY! Penniless and embarrassed is what they are, even stooping so low to take hand-outs. The girl they have plotted and planned against (Georgiana Podsnap) is the one who decides to give them money, when all this time the Lammle’s were planning to take her money. Oh, how the tides have turned and I love it!

Bella and John 

I love these two! Bella has finally made her comeback and I could not be happier for her. She has given up her dreams of being a rich socialite to be with the one she truly loves. (but, I have a feeling that fortune may be coming their way!) Also, I love that their wedding was so secret and private. It really fits the way of their relationship. John has some serious skeletons in his closet and Bella has past behavior that is really unbecoming. So, them eloping together symbolizes a new start – just the two of them. Forgetting about all the people in the past who have brought them down and starting their own little family. (Possibly a family of 3 soon?)

Headstone vs. Wrayburn

This little rival has turned pure crazy! Headstone is a certified, psychotic stalker. The man has gone crazy. He is that creepy guy in every scary movie, who is always right around the corner with a sharp object held above his head – waiting to strike. Well, this time he did strike. Poor Eugene, unsuspecting of the fatal blow that was coming his way. Although, I wonder what happened in their altercation. I wish Dickens would have given us a sneak peak. It broke my heart when Lizzie told Wrayburn she had to break it off, because she wasn’t good enough. Have some confidence girl! (I’m rooting for her)

The Boffins

Ok, I must admit, I am a little confused with the whole will/Wegg/Venus/secrets thing. Someone please feel free to set me straight. I think I am getting lost in translation. All I know is I don’t like Mr. Boffin – take all his money away for all I care.



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  1. I haven’t spent much time thinking (or writing about this book), and maybe I should start over and read it in one go. I’m clearly not a fan of serial reading.

    And I REALLY hope that Boffin does not end up with the money.

  2. Ok…so I don’t know if you’ve finished the book so I don’t want to give anything away. Let’s just say, I was hating Boffin for a while but my hate soon turned to admiration. So hold out on your hate a little longer. Dickens does a great job with giving us something we never expected. I didn’t expect to like Boffin or Bella in the end. I thought Lammle would be more evil and I really didn’t think Headstone would go so far. I liked all your comments about the characters. The Wegg/Venus thing has some light shed on it later. If you’ve finished let me know and I’ll go further. If not, I’ll wait. This has been my favorite Dickens work!!!!!!!!

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