Power Against Panem


Where are my Hunger Game fans at? If you are, I warn you about reading any further into this blog, if you have not finished the series.

In class Wednesday, we all discussed Dickens being a spokesperson for Public Annoucements. As we were talking about this, I could not help but think about the Hunger Games. I just finished the series and I must admit, I’m pretty obsessed with the books. I started to think where Dickens would fit in within the series. In his personal life, Dickens was all about bringing to light social injustices. In almost every book, he exposes a judicial system or spotlights a nation in poverty. So, obviously, if Dickens was placed within the Panem Districts – he would be against the Capitol in Panem. He would be a survivor fighting his way to District 13. I can see him comparible to Boggs – working close with Katniss to help destroy the Capitol – willing to give up his life justo to bring down a dictator. I think he could have a perfect role in this book. More importantly, I see him writing and creating the public annoucements to overide the Panem programming.What about you guys, are you thinking the same thing? Also, can’t you just see him being made over to be camera-ready, like all the others were. ha!


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  1. Well I must admit I am not familiar with The Hunger Games. Yet, I see what you are saying about Dickens creating the public service announcements. He would love multimedia and public service announcements would be integrated somehow into the digital format of his books if he were alive today. Think of how he could sell advertising or product placement in his books. Really cool post 🙂

  2. I have not read the Hunger Games or seen the film but I love your ideas. I also had my thoughts on a PSA/advertisement but nothing along these lines. Excellent job!!

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