Creating a “Sketch”


While filtering through Sketches by Boz, I stumbled upon “The Streets – Morning.” I also read “The Streets – Night,” but I was far more intrigued and impressed with the “morning” version. I truly felt like I was immersed in a portrait. Dickens so vividly describes the surroundins, that I can visualize it. The setting is beautiful. All the homeless, drunks, and trouble-makers have disappeared. All of the workers are not up for their day yet. All the hustle and bustle is invisible and that is what makes it beautiful. Dickens creates a comparison in this writing, by saying all the things that are missing – all the things that are only visible during normal business hours.  Also, his commentary on weather (sunlight, clouds, etc) is reflective of the later work we see from him. Reading about the sun touching the tips of buildings makes me envision a sunrise. As Dickens talks about the carts making their way down the streets, I can hear the noises ringing through my ears. Including animals just makes me happy – because I love animals.

Overall, I have seen this type of writing in some of Dickens later novels, but never to this extent. Reading Sketches by Boz, gives me a whole new perspective on Dickens. I now see him not only as a writer, but an artist of words.


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  1. I like what you said about the weather. He loves the fog doesn’t he?! I just overlooked this when reading the sketches. Very good observations and post (as always)

  2. I can see the seeds of so many characters in the sketches–maybe not direct correlations, but hints of the salt of the earth folk. And London is a character, isn’t it? Or his settings are so often characters in a way.

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