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From Dickens to Educational Technology


This summer, I was required to take a class focusing on technology in the classroom. I consider myself pretty techonology savvy, but I even got to spruce up my technological skills. We had a variety of assignments that mostly centered around a unit plan, which we had to create. Below, I am going to discuss the high points and low points of the class, as well as my favorite and least favorite assignments.

The high point of the class for me was getting to work on the projects. I learn better by doing, rather than listening. This class was the perfect format for my learning style. Anything hands-on makes me comprehend information far better. So, basically, the times I got to sit at a computer and play around with my projects,while learning new things in the process, was a high point for me.

I really wish I could point out a specific low point in the class. I really have no complaints. I don’t like that it was during the summer – but, then again it was one of the better classes I could have taken for summer, because I got to work at home. Honestly, the most bothersome part of the class was other students. That seems harsh. The instructions were clear from  the beginning, but I  felt like things had to be rehashed a couple of times of day.

My favorite assignment of the class was the Jing presentation. I had really not experienced or come in contact that type of software before. So, getting to learn something new is always a highlight for me. Also, I feel like  this is the software I will most use in the future.

My least favorite assignment of the class was the Windows Movie Maker. I really love Windows Movie Maker, but I have used it more times than I can count. So, I guess I just felt bored with it. But, the assignment was a great assignment, I just felt like I already knew how to do it.

Overall, I really enjoyed the class. Technology is right up my alley, so I enjoyed all aspects. Now, if Russ could just remove the demons from my personal computer, the class would be complete! 😉